a non-existent land ruled by a deluded writer, Her Royal Highness Justine Brown

Sunday, 20 March 2011


... to this world, the final sign (as if one were really needed) that I have become quite silly indeed. This corner of the imaginary kingdom we call creativity is a platform for me to trumpet various things, such as previous publications, upcoming launches (see also Tin Press on the web), and works-in-progress. Prepare to be stunned (yes!) by my various activities and displays of magic.


  1. Grand! Absolutely ripping! But... is Justinopia a utopian community, a dystopian community, or a little of each?

    --a curious friend living in Kits

  2. Aha! The vital question. And as I am monarch, I ought to know. Let's hope it tends toward perfection...

  3. Thank you for sharing your delusions, your Highness! I shall now consider them in a more rigorous light and share my thoughts forthwith.

    HRH King Keith of France