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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Upcoming Festivities

Greetings, everyone... we interrupt Our Progress to invite you to a party in honour of one of our best friends, Mr. Phil Smith of the band Corsage. In August we will see the launch of their wonderful new CD/book, "The Longest Days of the Year" (book design courtesy Mr. Hugh Brown of Tin Press, London). We will open the festivities with a reading from our fiction, "The Siren's Secret" (illustrated by the star artist Dame Darcy), and also "The Book of the Yazedi", a novel in the works. Beautiful artwork will be on display by Mrs. Tami Thirlwell-Nicol and Miss Diyah Pera, and Miss Alexandra Oliver's brilliant book of poetry, "Where the English Housewife Shines", will be available for sale. Please join us on the evening of August 31st, 2011, at the Waldorf Hotel in Vancouver, Canada. All are welcome. We hope to see you there!

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